Presentation of our Logo

Some members in our club have visited Ireland and Scotland several times (3 years in a row!). The reason is of course these countries interesting culture and history! Actually, their history doesn’t differ much from Norway’s history, so it was natural for us to choose a Celtic symbol as a part of our logo. In addition to this, we wanted our logo to symbolize the feminine part of our club – and of course the motorcycle! After more than one year drawing and discussing, we think we have managed to combine our criteria for our new logo in a perfect way. This is at least our opinion…:o)

Summer 2002, the year Lady Bikers were celebrating 10 years anniversary, we tried to arrange a club-trip to Scotland and Ireland. Unfortunately we had to make two groups because of different time of holiday. Gunn, Kristin and Ellen, who hadn’t visited these countries before, travelled 10 days in July. They had 8 of 10 days with rain! They weren’t specially impressed of the weather, but they really enjoyed riding on the small roads, among amazing nature, through lovely, small villages with exciting culture and history. Anne and Bodil, who had visited Ireland and Scotland twice before, and therefore knew when the best time to ride a bike were, decided to travel in August. They had 12 of 14 days with sunny weather. (Well, we have to admit that even our Scottish friends where surprised of the weather).

Anne and Bodils trip started by boat from Kristiansand to Newcastle. On the boat, we met some Scottish friends from "Langtoun MCC". From Newcastle, we rode together with these guys north to Edinburgh and Kirckaldy, where we spent 5 days.

During our visit in Kirckaldy, we rode daytrips around the local area. On one of our day-trips, we visited the 220 feet high Wallace monument in Stirling, where William Wallace watched the English army approach across Stirling Bridge before leading the Scots into the battle of the same name in 1297 (the Scots won this battle). It was in a little shop nearby this monument we got the idea and inspiration to our new logo! Bodil almost lost the bus, which we had to take up to the monument, because she was impressed of a artistic giftcard with a Celtic symbol. She bought the card, and brought it with her in her luggage the rest of the two weeks holiday, which we spent on the road true Scotland’s breathtaking nature. We visited among others Isle of Sky and Isle of Mull. On Holy Island we had to be aware of the tide! We almost had to spend the night on the island, in scary ruins among spiders and ghosts, because the tide almost wiped out the road! Before we left Scotland this autumn, we also participated in the once-a year Hog Rally in Aviemore, which we really recommend you to visit.

On a meeting in Trondheim last year, we presented the card/symbol for the other members in our club. This was the start of a creative and quite demanding process during the winter, which led to our new logo! The woman in our logo is a Welch goddess named Arianrhod, which mean "Silver wheel". She was whorshipped as a priestess of the moon. Ancient astrologer did observations from positions of the moon and it’s progress in the revolution to the stars – "The starry Wheel of Aranrhod".
  • Arianrhod, who are a woman, symbolize the feminine
  • By combining the feminine symbol Arianrhod with a motorcycle-tire, which traditionally is a masculine thing, we hope we have managed to symbolize that Lady Bikers are a female and quite feminine motorcycle club.
  • The woman’s position in the tire is like an unborn child. This symbolizes the birth of a female biker.
  • Her feet are turned upside like a v-twin engine.

About the Colors used in our Logo

We have continued using gold and black, which are the colours we have used since we where founded in 1992.
To define/clarify the tire, we had to use grey on the pattern, and also on the background. We have used the colour red on our earlier party-invitations and on our website, and found it therefore quite naturally to use the same red colour in our new logo. This red colour is the same as the colour of Norway’s national stone, which is "Thulitt". The name of this stone comes from the old Greek name of Norway "Thule".